"Regan worked under my supervision as a Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Rep at Syracuse University for the 2019-2020 school year and truly succeeded in the position! As a PINK Campus Rep, Regan went above and beyond to impact the PINK brand and the Syracuse PINK program on her campus. Her major Campus Rep responsibilities included utilizing social media outlets to raise PINK awareness – she & her co-representative were solely responsible for creating content, driving their number of followers, & engaging with followers on the PINK Syracuse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts; encouraged event publicity via fliers, social media networks, public media advertisements, etc.; executed and promoted events on campus as well as events in PINK stores; and managed a team of students on campus called the PINK Campus Team. Throughout her very busy schedule, Regan was clearly able to time manage all of the activities that were important to her – I could always tell how passionate and professional she was about the position!"

Emily Horn 

Victoria's Secret PINK Marketing Specialist Strategy 

E: ehorn@victoria.com

"Regan is a dynamic star on the rise, combining intellectual curiosity with real-world problem-solving ability to demonstrate her readiness for any challenge. As a student in my writing courses, Regan’s work stood out for its completeness and detail, while her energy and enthusiasm for learning more about public relations was contagious. A leader and a creator, Regan has the skills and talent to make those around her better.”

Bradford Horn

Professor of Practice, Public Relations

E: bdhorn@syr.edu

"Regan Talley is a driven, perceptive and focused communicator, exemplified by her commitment to excellence in all endeavors she pursues. As a student in my public relations campaign class, she always stood out for her insightful contribution to classroom discourse and her passion for developing insights-driven strategies and results for her clients. Regan is a natural leader, taking a solutions-driven and collaborative approach to tackling the most challenging communications and creative questions. She inspires those around her to reach their maximum potential. I look forward to seeing all Regan will accomplish as she begins what will undoubtedly be a successful and storied professional journey."

Brent Royer 

Adjunct Professor - Communications/Public Relations 

E: btroyer@syr.edu

"Dear Colleagues,

I write to provide a reference for Regan Talley.  I was fortunate enough to have Regan in two classes last year and I can attest that she is a stellar student.  She received among the highest A grades in both classes.  She was always prepared, on-time, and utterly responsible.  She was ready and eager to participate fully in class discussions, and did so from a broad, well-informed perspective. She writes beautifully.  She is well equipped to analyze the literature and formulate and express thoughtful positions.  She wrote a particularly compelling paper on the mistreatment of immigrant workers in the fruit and dairy industries.  She is a joy to have in the classroom and I foresee a very bright future for her.   I send her the warmest wishes!"

Madonna Harrington Meyer

University Professor, Sociology

E: mhm@maxwell.syr.edu