An audience persona that I use when creating my blog posts.

Healthy Heather


  • Young adults between the ages of 18-24 because as they undergo physical, social and mental changes that come with entering adulthood, they are more likely to possess a negative body image. In addition, the dependence on social media between these ages leads to this age group more prone to compare their bodies to the celebrities they follow and admire.



  • I believe females are my gender demographic because they tend to be more insecure and hold a negative body image and are more likely to compare themselves to skinny celebrities in the media like Victoria’s Secret models as well as unrealistic body types portrayed in the media. In addition, they are likely to hold more reservations about perceived “masculine” gym activities such as lifting weights. This means that more cardio and aerobic machines are likely to be used by females because there is a lack of knowledge about the benefits of lifting weights and how the human body distributes muscle.


Salary/household income

  • Since the target audience is geared toward a younger generation, they are likely to be on the lower end of yearly income because they are just entering the workforce and are estimated to earn a yearly income between $21,840-$27,840



  • There is no set location because the target audience I geared toward females with a negative body image and the motivation to change that through a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, this can apply to females living in urban, suburban and rural areas.



  • While no education is required to understand the content on my blog or even pertain to those only holding a certain education background, I expect most of my audience to hold a high school diploma and be in the process of earning a college degree or a recent graduate. While data suggests that college rates are decreasing, a majority of students are still enrolling in universities across the country



  • Since my target audience is geared toward a younger audience, I expect most girls to be single because they are more likely to compare themselves to their friends on social media that are in relationships, leading to low self-confidence. While their relationship status may be single, I anticipate most young girls in this age range to be living with their parents


What kind of media do they use?

  • Instagram, YouTube and online blogs because the content would be much more explanation and video based so it would be difficult to get the content across in a Tweet or through a Pinterest board


How else can we reach them?

  • I think the content pertaining to healthy eating and mistakes made in the gym could be explained well through podcasts because they tend to be more in depth and span a longer time frame per episode.


What words or phrases resonate with this audience?

  • Blast Fat

  • Weight loss

  • Tone Up

  • Fit

  • Quick

  • Gym

  • At-home

  • Healthy food swaps

  • Workout

  • Quit unhealthy habits

  • Workout routine

  • Weightless journey


What kinds of images resonate with their audience?

  • Before and after photos

  • Pictures of girls lifting weights

  • Stylish gym clothes

  • Photos that show different muscle building workouts that target specific areas that are popular in the media such as the glutes because a study demonstrates a cultural shift that American’s favor more curvy figures


Writing style:

  • Depends on the content because if it is a more workout-based video, the writing in the description should be short and sweet and just list the name of the workout move and how many sets and reps to perform. For more emotional topics such as weight loss and addressing negative body issues however, they should be longer and more in-depth



  • Whitney Simmons

    • Whitney Simmons is a YouTube personality that got into fitness after being cut from her college cheerleading team. For the next year, she ate her feelings and fell into a dark hole of pity and low self-confidence over her perceived failure. Gaining weight as a result of this vicious cycle, her father encouraged her to get into fitness and soon Simmons became addicted. Using weightlifting to help her physically and more importantly, mentally, she started a YouTube channel that posts workouts and meal prep ideas. With 1.5 million followers on her channel, she embodies a carefree and energetic personality that lives under the mantra that healthy living isn’t a diet but rather, a journey that will be filled with mistakes. I believe she is a perfect fit for my blog because a heathy lifestyle isn’t a temporary change but a long-term goal that will undergo a lot of trial and error.


The most effective way to contact Simmons would be through her Instagram page

  • Grace Fit UK

    • Grace Beverly is another YouTube personality based in London. Beverly is a college student at Oxford University that utilizes lifting weights to escape the stress of class. After trying every fad diet and workout plan on the market that promised results, she got into weightlifting and hasn’t looked back. Ironically, she credits lifting weights to getting her in shape despite the media made her believe that as a female, she should stick strictly to cardio. She went from only doing cardio and avoiding carbs to a healthy and happy girl who loves being strong. Her vlogs showcase a goofy personality that provides easy and delicious vegan recipes as well as killer glute workouts. Seeing as she experiences firsthand the struggles that my target audience has with balance and staying away from the cardio machines, I believe she is a perfect fit to incorporate into my blog and can help reach viewers on a more personal level.


I believe Instagram would be the best way to contact Beverly as opposed to reaching out through YouTube.


Love Sweat Fitness

  • Katie Dunlap is a personal trainer that created Love Sweat Fitness, a health and fitness community that promotes clean eating and beginner friendly workouts that will make anyone sore regardless of their fitness level. Dunlap began her fitness journey after she discovered she had gained 45 pounds a year after graduating college. Trying to find the easy way out, she turned to an unhealthy combination of starvation and diet pills in an effort to find the “magic solution.” Finally taking responsibility for her weight gain, she began to look at her life from a health perspective and started seeing food as fuel instead of a comfort mechanism. Dunlap originally got her start on YouTube where she posted effective at home workouts demonstrating that women can get a killer workout without any fancy equipment. I think she adds a new perspective to my audience and even can bring in young women from more rural areas that perhaps don’t have access to a fully equipped gym. In addition, Dunlap’s workout appeal to my target age range because a majority of my audience is in the process of earning a college degree and have busy schedules. While they might not have the means or time to make it to the gym every day, Dunlap’s videos show that a great workout can be achieved anytime and anywhere.


I believe Instagram is the best way to contact Dunlap as opposed to her site or YouTube channel.



  • To boost the confidence of young women through the inside out by promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is done through healthy eating and workout routines. The aspirations of my target audience are to look their best self. I want to promote that lifting weights is the best solution for weight loss as opposed to just doing cardio. In addition, I want to crush the common myths associated with lifting weights on the female body.



  • The problems that many currently suffer from is a negative body image that comes from low self-esteem. It is so easy to believe that there is only one ideal body image and it involves looking like a stick. With the increase of social media usage in predominately young female adults, it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing their bodies to those of models and skinny Hollywood celebrities. While some may try to change that by regularly going to the gym, they believe that the key to fat loss is strictly cardio. Some women may also fall into the trap of perceived “healthy foods” in supermarkets that are bombarded with hidden sugars. The motivation is there however, the good advice is hard to find.